Class Change Testthis post is to test changing the PHP class of an object in my database6
can i still useI downloaded the free version hopefully I can still use it. D Ricker [email removed]25
Work Schedulefor help with my ios work schedule app. I'll update this page soon.25
iOS Apps[N\A]15
TestingThis is where I'll test new page types and layouts and stuff. You can look at any of the stuff here, but it's all for my own benefit.22
ContactI'll have a proper contact page set up here soon. In the mean time if you have any questions or need any kind of help, post it on my forum or email me at support@jakar.co73
DownloadsI'll make this page better soon, but I have to set the downloads up through the forum first (they're still going through the workschedule.jakar.co site) Notes If you didn't pay for it please don't download the pro versio74
Terms And ConditionsBy using the iOS Work Schedule Calendar app, you agree to the terms and conditions on this web page and the Privacy Policy found at http://workschedule.jakar.co/privacypolicy/ You also agree that these terms and the privacy policy may be updated at a26
Privacy PolicyI'll fix the links soon, but the privacy policy has not changed. It was however moved from workschedule.jakar.co, so please note this: Where I refer to "this website" below, I am referring to workschedule.jakar.co AND your use of forum.jakar.30
LegalFor legal information (terms, privacy policy) pertaining to the workschedule app and my web sites that are affiliated with it26