JDOM - Javascript Class SystemOverview Create new instances of a class with `new MyClass()` Call static methods with `MyClass.staticMethod()` Declare classes with `manager.Class(className,instanceClosure,staticClosure)` where `inst3
Schedule Why won't my schedule update?119
[N\A]How do I cancel scheduled workday if I make a mistake?71
[N\A]Receiving message of invalid password. How do I fix or change password68
widgetMy widget has been on my phone front screen for 2 different phones now and now I cant find it. It was there earlier today but now its gone. The one I paid for.86
How can I share my schedule?You must have the pro version in order to share your schedule (you can share 3 times in the free version to test it out). Simple schedule sharing (text-based) is available for the Android Work Schedule App. To share your schedule: 98
Delete an account Open the menu (press the menu key or tap the menu icon at the bottom) Chose Account Settings Remove Account Choose Yes 83
Day off requestI need to request a day off on April 15th for an important eye Dr. Apt with eye surgeon. For consult for cataract surgery.116
I need to see my hours for the end this week[N\A]88
File UploadsThis page is for testing file uploads, which are coming to my forum soon.75
USB Jig instruction videoWatch on Youtube 96
general merchandise[N\A]75
DatabaseManagerAbout A simple SQLite Database manager that handles threading/synchronization issues You can just copy/paste the source into a new java file in your Andriod project, then extend DatabaseManager (instead of SQLiteOpenHelper) for84