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PHP gzip CompressionLearn how to enable gzip compression in PHP using .htaccess or standard PHP
PHP read String line-by-lineLearn how to read a string line by line with PHP extremely quickly with some effective str_replace(), explode(), and foreach()
JDOM - Javascript class systemJavascript class system, trying to maintain as much of a java-style as possible.
DocumentationJQL - Android SQLite Lib documentation
How ToEdit, Jan 22: This app is still available on the amazon app store, but I'm no longer developing this app.
Work Schedule v5.0 (coming soon)About the upcoming re-release of the workschedule app. See release timeframe, new features, images, and such
Work Schedule 5.0This is an info page for the upcoming version of the work schedule app.If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment or email me at]support@jakar.cohttp
Google Play termination / App removalDetails about me (developer Jakar) being kicked from publishing on the Google Play store due to alleged policy violations.
Jakar CoFor information and help with Jakar Co's apps and sites, including the Work Schedule app for Android and iPhone and this forum site.You may have been redirected from and that's
How to create a Parachute job in GTA V OnlineYou can't, unfortunately. I tried, but it's just not an option.You could create a mission with spawn points up on something high, so parachuting would be required and helpful, but it w
Javascript ClassesHow to use classes in Javascript, similar to Java, php, and probably most other languages
PHP get_class() without namespaceThere are three (fourish) ways to efficiently get a class name in PHP without the namespace, in order of speed:I tested using 10,000 loops on each of the three sets of code below on Bluehost V
RootingWhat is Rooting?Android is based on Linux. On a Linux machine when you are the "root" user, it is like being the Administrator on a Windows PC. In Android, norma
QuestionsAn uncategorized section for questions
SGS3 i9300 Custom & Stock Rom ListRomsAndroid Revolution HD
How To Root Samsung InfuseRecomended Method:Use SuperOneClick.Alternate Method (Windows):
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Textarea Vertical resize only - HTML and CSSHow to lock a textarea so it can only be resized vertically.
Web UXfor help with Website User Experience, including a mix of HTML, CSS, Javascript, libraries and other languages for the overall user experience
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